Sunday, May 01, 2016

Baccalaureate #1

Baccalaureate (28)

We have concluded a busy weekend of graduation celebration events. The events began with the baccalaureate service at Onnuri Church on Friday evening. The baccalaureate service was planned by the students and Student Development staff. I thought they did a great job. Here are a few pictures and commentary on the event. The graduates are pictured above pre-service.

Baccalaureate (21)Baccalaureate (24)

The ladies were here and ready to go before the guys

Baccalaureate (19)Baccalaureate (20)

The stage was set and the band was ready to lead in some worship music

Baccalaureate (53)Baccalaureate (57)Baccalaureate (59)

Peter Knapp snapped some good pictures of the band.

Baccalaureate (51)Baccalaureate (54)Baccalaureate (55)Baccalaureate (60)

(Left to Right) Nonie Jones read the graduates class verse Philippians 1.6. Salutatorian, Janny Palsis gave her speech. The students chose our Provost Juan Flores to be the keynote speaker. PIU associate VP, Jamie Mason, presented the faculty, staff and student awards.

Baccalaureate (49)Baccalaureate (61)

Janny Palsis received the “Student of the Year” honors

Baccalaureate (47)Baccalaureate (50)

The graduates sang their “Senior Song.”

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