Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Graduation #2–A Few More Pictures

Graduation (30)

Now we will move on to the PIU graduation ceremony. In the picture above our valedictorian, Delight Suda, receives his diploma as Board Chair, Howard Merrell, and our keynote speaker Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood, look on.

Graduation (10)Graduation (11)

The faculty and graduates take their places

Graduation (12)Graduation (14)

I had the opportunity to introduce our speaker

Graduation (18)P1140390 (960x1280)

Delight gave a great valedictorian address

Graduation (24)Graduation (25)

Nonie and Ricklyn receive their diplomas

Graduation (26)Graduation (27)Graduation (29)

Nonie, Janny and Trin, Scott pose with their diplomas

Graduation (32)Graduation (33)

The PIU students sing to the graduates

Graduation (16)Graduation (17)Graduation (20)Graduation (21)

Joyce’s role during the ceremony was child care. She looks like she is enjoying her work.

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