Friday, May 20, 2016

FestPac Begins Early For PIU


This week the PIU campus was able to house over 70 delegates from Yap for the Festival of the Pacific Arts which begins tomorrow on Guam. The delegates arrived early and needed housing for a couple days. We enjoyed being able to serve and get to know some of our guests. The Pacific Daily News interviewed Juan Flores, PIU provost, as part of an article about the Festival.

Juan Flores, vice president of academics/advancement at the Pacific Islands University said they were happy to welcome about 70 delegates from Yap.

“It’s a good show of hospitality,” he said. PIU has its roots throughout Micronesia, he said, and it was important to do its part to help out.

The Yapese delegates were enjoying their time at the university playing basketball and hanging out in the university’s grounds.

“We gotta pitch in. It’s not going to work if we’re going to sit back,” Flores said.

Marie Laamar, from the Yapese delegation, thanked the university for its hospitality.

Their flight to Guam was very last minute and had to come early because there aren’t many flights out to Guam from Yap, she said. They wouldn’t have made it on time for the opening ceremony by Sunday.

“We’re very thankful to be here,” Laamar said.

She said it was good to arrive a little bit early so the delegation can prepare by getting materials for the festival. The local Yapese community in Guam have also been helping them.

The delegation will showcase traditional dances, including one just by men and a co-ed dance. They also will have a popular tattoo artist from Yap and handicrafts on display.

We are looking forward to attending the festival next week. Since this festival circulates between dozens of Pacific Island nations it is a once in a lifetime event to have it on Guam

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