Saturday, June 04, 2016

Joyce’s Airport Pictures

Return Flight (2)

Return Flight (5)Return Flight (10)Joyce and I are home now. I arrived last night at 11PM and she arrived about 1AM on Saturday. We tried to coordinate our flights but she flew home to Guam on EVA air through Osaka and I flew on ANA through Tokyo, both on a United reservation. We have to make allowances when we use United miles I guess. Joyce had a long wait in the Taipei airport before she left – I departed four hours before she did, so she had some opportunity to take a tour. We are just glad that we left Friday, and not Thursday, because the airport was shut down Thursday for several hours because of flooding and a lightning strike on the radar tower.

Return Flight (4)Return Flight (11)

Of course there was a “hello kitty” play area

Return Flight (6)Return Flight (7)Return Flight (8)

And flower gardens

Return Flight (1)Return Flight (9)Return Flight (12)

Lot’s to do and see while waiting for a flight in Taipei

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