Monday, June 27, 2016

Rainy Season is Here

It is amazing how fast Guam “greens up.” We went from hot and dry to warm and wet very quickly. I would anticipate we will be seeing lots of rain over the next couple months. I am hoping that our solar panels at PIU stored up a lot of power for us during the dry time so our power bills will be very low as we move into the new semester. Here are a few pictures of the difference a little rain makes.

BeforeAfter (5)BeforeAfter (18)

This is the open space between the classroom and the Liebenzell House facing the “Vortex” dormitory room. When we get a downpour this yard becomes “Lake Liebenzell” for a few hours. The two pictures were taken about a week apart

BeforeAfter (4)BeforeAfter (17)

The pavilion, basketball court area greened up the fastest.

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