Saturday, June 18, 2016

An Afternoon at Sea

Dolphin Boat (7)

Dolphin Boat (2)When we get an opportunity to go out on the dolphin watching boat we usually take it. Today the Lutheran Church of Guam was having a church event on the dolphin boat and they invited us along. Thank you Kevin Graham! I think Joyce has done this outing seven or eight times now. I think I’ve done it three or four. If you are keeping close tabs on this blog you might also notice that I have been on a boat in Guam waters now twice within the last nine months. That may be a new record for me. We didn’t see any dolphins (first time that has happened on the trip for me) but it was a beautiful day, the people and conversations were great, and I got to swim for about an hour in the warm ocean water. It was a pretty good way to spend an afternoon. The picture above is of the whole seafaring group and on the right, the “Atlantis” submarine. Lots of fun things to do on Guam.

Dolphin Boat (1)Dolphin Boat (6)

We invited Tony and May Vigil to come with us. It was nice to spend a day with them…

Dolphin Boat (3)Dolphin Boat (4)

…and with members of our PIU family Lian Stae and Celia Atoigue

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