Friday, September 23, 2016

Another Great Friday Chapel at PIU

Friday23 Chapel (2)

Friday23 Chapel (4)Friday23 Chapel (5)So far this year, the chapels have been well done. Yesterday was no exception. After a music time which featured some new songs, (Country-Western style is not my thing, but the above band did a good job of cowboying it up.) Our speaker was our Bible Chair, Rev. Iotaka Choram. He spoke from John 8.31 and talked about how Chuukese understand words like “free” and “truth.” He also talked about issues of “power” because the former words must be understood in terms of spiritual power. It was a fascinating message and I still have some questions. One big message is that when we talk to somebody, our words are not always communicating what we think they are communicating.

Friday23 Chapel (1)Friday23 Chapel (6)Friday23 Chapel (7)

A few more pictures from the chapel. We also sang Happy Birthday to Hicknerson (left). You can see that he is thrilled with this honor.

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