Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Religious Leaders Symposium

Carrier Meeting (4) (1024x768)

Carrier Meeting (19) (768x1024)This past Monday I was privileged to attend the Guam Religious Leaders Symposium sponsored by the Naval Base chaplains. The really cool thing about the symposium was that it took place on the USS Ronald Reagan and included a tour of the ship. I had never been on an aircraft carrier before so this was a “wow” experience for me. It is really amazing how that ship is organized and what they can accomplish. I was pretty blown away. It was also a good opportunity to interact with the chaplains on the ship, from the naval base and from the other armed services. I was able to connect with the chaplains about projects they could help with at PIU and interact as to how we could help them by getting military service members more involved in our community. Left- Me sitting in the navigator’s chair on the bridge.


Carrier Meeting (5) (768x1024)Carrier Meeting (6) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (8) (1024x768)

The entrance area of the ship

Carrier Meeting (9) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (11) (1024x768)

The storage and repair area. We got to ride the elevator to the flight deck

Carrier Meeting (13) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (25) (1024x768)

On the flight deck

Carrier Meeting (14) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (26) (1024x768)

The view from the flight deck

Carrier Meeting (16) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (17) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (18) (1024x768)

Up on the bridge

Carrier Meeting (22) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (23) (1024x768)

Explanation the “Ouija Board” that organizes the planes as they go in and out

Carrier Meeting (27) (1024x768)Carrier Meeting (29) (1024x768)

The chapel and the meeting room where we held the symposium

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