Thursday, September 29, 2016

Last Tuesday Chapel in September

Last Tuesday Chapel (3) (1024x768)

Last Tuesday Chapel (4) (1024x768)Last Tuesday Chapel (6) (768x1024)Wow, we are already through our first month of the new semester at PIU. By the way, be looking for our imminent PIU Tides’ Currents newsletter and Owen prayer letter. I will be posting at least excerpts of both here too. Our Tuesday chapel featured PIU librarian, Paul Drake talking about “My Journey to Abba” (not the band, this is the Aramaic word for father – his joke not mine but I couldn’t get their tunes out of my head all day). Actually, it was a very encouraging message. I like it when our faculty and staff share their own struggles so the students can see that the Christian life is not easy for any of us. Thank you Paul and thank you students for leading us in worship music.

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