Monday, September 26, 2016

Commissioning Service for Jimmy Gimmen

Commissioning (6)

Commissioning (1)Sunday was a very special day for us. We were at Calvary Baptist Church to celebrate their anniversary, but we were also there to participate in the commissioning service for one of their members, and one of my former students Jimmy Gimmen, to head up the team to finally prepare a Yapese Jesus Movie. Commissioning (2)The Jesus Movie has been used effectively as an indigenous language teaching and evangelism tool all over the world. It is already translated into most of the Micronesian languages, except the smallest, Yap. Jimmy has felt called to do this and, I believe, he is also well equipped to do it. I am very excited about this and plan to help and support him through PIU.

Commissioning (4)I was honored to deliver the commissioning address and spoke from 1 Timothy 4.12-16 on Eight Commands for Facing a Difficult Ministry. Commissioning (8)Joyce and I enjoyed the fellowship with the people at Calvary and it was very gratifying to see Jimmy and family continuing to serve the LORD effectively after all these years. We especially were moved by the prayer time as, not only the church leaders prayed over Jimmy and family, but also most of the church members came up and committed themselves to supporting Jimmy and Teresa in this calling. Please pray for Jimmy for the success of the Yapese Jesus Movie and for the many opportunities he will have to minister one-on-one and to the Yap Church as a whole during the time he is there. He is planning on mobilizing Emmaus and PIU grads and other church members to provide the voices for the translation.

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