Monday, September 26, 2016

Beach Day

Beach Day (3)

Beach Day (1)Every day, pretty much, on Guam can be a beach day. Even though there was a tropical storm out to the southwest of Guam it was still a good day to go to the beach on Saturday. After a basketball game, we lost, we loaded up the van and several cars and headed to Ritidian Beach for some beach and barbecue. We got rained on. But that was ok since we were in the water anyway. It was actually clear enough most of the day to see out to the neighboring island of Rota. I enjoyed the time to relax with students and staff. Joyce enjoyed spending a lot of time with our niece Jayna. Jayna also got quite a bit of attention from the PIU students.


Beach Day (2)Beach Day (6)

Some more beach pictures

Beach Day (4)Beach Day (5)

And of course some swimming pictures.

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