Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Chapel at PIU with M. James Sawyer

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20160920_111611 (768x1024)We have been blessed this month to have Jim Sawyer with us at PIU. Jim is our seminary dean and one of our seminary professors. Every year Jim is here for about two months doing the classroom portion of his seminary classes and then finishing them on line with video, video chats and on line assignments. Last year Jim became the Dean of our seminary, so this trip he participated in program reviews, curriculum meetings etc. Yesterday he was our chapel speaker and talked about the war between the kingdom of darkness and God’s kingdom, that began before time began and will continue until God resolves everything in the eternal kingdom of heaven on earth. We had a good discussion of a subject the students, and most of the church, don’t hear about very often. For a small school we have a very outstanding and very qualified faculty and Jim is a good example of that.

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We had a good time of fellowship and singing (left and middle). Charity introduced our chapel speaker. (right)

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