Friday, May 26, 2017

A 38th Wedding Anniversary Medical Update

20170526_101201 (1280x960)Today is a big day for Joyce and I. It is the 38th anniversary of our wedding here in Placerville. Today was a lot cooler than that 105 degree day back in 1979. 20170526_101148 (960x1280)Our big plan for today was nephrostogram at Marshall Hospital to see if I would be able to get rid of the kidney bag I have been wearing for the last three months. The oncologist would like us to get rid of the bag because it creates extra infection risk with the hole in my back. For me, life would just be a little easier without it. So, the doctor injected dye into my kidney (left, above) to see if it would go through to the bladder which would indicate everything is working the way it is supposed to. However it seems that there is some blockage in my ureter20170526_095707 (960x1280) (In the picture on the right, what looks like the Nile River is my ureter and you can see the blockage at the bottom of it) which will need to be taken care of before the bag can come off. We will see the urologist to discuss the next steps on June 5 after the next round of chemotherapy. It is likely that another minor procedure will be needed to unblock the ureter. It was a big disappointment for the day, but we will keep moving forward.

We also went in to the infusion center in Cameron Park to have a blood draw in preparation for my next chemo session next Tuesday. Yes, Joyce and I know how to party on our anniversary! Everything seemed to go well there. We’ll get results next week, but we seem to be proceeding on schedule for that. We still have a long hard road to recovery and healing, but we keep moving forward in faith. Thank you for praying for us.

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