Saturday, May 20, 2017

Follow Up with the Oncologist

This week I had my follow up appointment with the oncologist to discuss the PET scan and go over the next steps in my treatment. He was quite pleased with the results of the scan, but cautioned that there is still a long road of treatment ahead. To use an NBA draft lottery analogy, my team’s first ball has come out of the hopper and dropped into the hole, but we need several more balls to do the same thing before we can pronounce me cured. This type of cancer is normally quite persistent, and usually recurs, necessitating multiple rounds of chemo and other procedures. So the next step will be to finish the first round of chemotherapy, which will be done by the end of June. Then I take 6-8 weeks of rest for my body to recover. In early to mid-August I will get another PET scan and a bone marrow biopsy. If these are clear the plan would then be to harvest some of my bone marrow for storage in case there is a recurrence of the lymphoma.  This would allow for a more intense second round of chemo, after which they would do a “bone marrow transplant” if needed. I will be monitored regularly through the Fall here so that any recurrence could be dealt with quickly. Honestly, this was not what I was hoping to hear, but was not surprised since the Stanford doctors told me we would not be leaving here until at least next January. 20170509_142756 (1024x768)I am thankful that my future is all in God’s hands. I hope to go back to Guam next year, but if that does not happen, I know He has something for me and for Joyce. I am hoping that I will be feeling well enough in the Fall to teach some on-line PIU courses, travel to see our supporting churches and friends, and do some Bible teaching seminars in the Stateside Micronesian communities. We appreciate your prayers as we move forward.

The picture is of me working on my computer with my new computer platform. Thank you Frances! It makes my life a little easier.

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