Thursday, May 04, 2017

Brief Update on my Medical Testing

18260709_10211909237659859_65548721_oThank you to those of you prayed for me for my kidney test yesterday. The test did not take place because the doctor wanted to wait until after my PET scan so that he would know for sure that my lymph nodes are shrinking. The test was rescheduled for May 17th. I was a little disappointed, but it makes sense. And since the theme for this thing seems to be “be patient and wait,” it fits right in. So here is what I'm looking at over the next couple weeks. Tomorrow I have my blood draw to determine if I'm ready for chemo on Monday. Last week my numbers were above the minimum requirements, so the doctor is confident that I'll be okay tomorrow, but go ahead and pray for that anyway. Then Monday I will have my fourth round of chemotherapy. I appreciate you praying that my side effects will be minimal, especially that my edema would not get out of control again like it did after the third round of chemotherapy. Gaining and losing 15 pounds of water weight over a period of week is not good for my body.

So after the chemotherapy I will have my week of Prednisone and recovering from the chemo. The last day of Prednisone is Friday the 12th and that is also the day we will head down to Stanford for the PET Scan. We get the PET Scan Friday afternoon and then the doctor will see us and explain everything to us the next Monday. In the meantime, we plan to spend the in-between Saturday and Sunday in Scotts Valley and, if all goes well with health and edema, to go to Gateway Church on Sunday morning. It would be a minor miracle if I'm able to do that. But I would love to see people in Scotts Valley area either way. We'll head back up to Stanford on Monday, and then back up to El Dorado late Monday afternoon. This is going to be a lot more “out and about” than I've done since February so I appreciate your prayers for that too.

Figure you're tired of seeing pictures of me. So I thought I'd post a picture of my oldest granddaughter in her rugby uniform. Go get ‘em Courage.

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