Thursday, May 11, 2017

Medical Update, Testing, Trip to Scotts Valley

Thank you for praying for my previous prayer requests. Again I have had some side effects from the chemotherapy, but they have been fairly mild. My main concern was the edema. My body has swelled up somewhat, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was in the last round of chemotherapy. That's an answer to prayer. Tomorrow morning Joyce and I will drive down to Stanford for my PET scan. We are praying and hoping for good news that the lymph nodes have shrunk and I'm getting better. We know this is all in God's hands.

After the test at Stanford we will drive down to Scotts Valley on Friday evening. We will be staying in the missionary apartment at the Kvamme home. We won't be very mobile but we would love to have visitors at the apartment a few at a time.I was hoping we would be able to attend church at Gateway Bible Church on Sunday, but it looks like that won't happen because of my still-compromised immune system. I can’t have contact with anyone who is sick or even may be sick. Nevertheless, we would still like to see as many of our Scotts Valley friends as we can. We will head back up to Stanford on Sunday evening for a doctor's appointment on Monday morning. After that we will head back up to El Dorado.

Thank you for your prayers for us we appreciate them very much.

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