Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Prayer Request, Visitors, and Another Brief Medical Update

20170429_105245 (1024x768)Not too much has changed since my last Medical Update. The edema still seems to be slowly decreasing but still bothers me quite a bit. Right now I'm in the week three rest period with few doctor appointments and no shots. I do have two medical appointments this week. Friday I will be getting my pre-chemo blood draw. The doctor is anticipating no problems there because my numbers have been up. But I would like special prayer for my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I will be seeing the urologist to take a look at how my right kidney is doing. He will be doing some tests to determine if my right kidney is still compromised/blocked. If it is not, they may take the kidney bag off and see if my urinary system is fully functional. The other tubes inside me would come off later if all goes well. I’d sure like to get that bag off. My prayer is that the the test tomorrow will go well and I'll be able to get the bag off. Thank you so much for praying for this and for my blood test on Friday.

Last Saturday we had two special visitors come by. Two old friends, Louis Mann and Harry Olsen. Louis was my history teacher in high school and then my principal when I first became a a teacher myself. He was also involved with the youth group of my church when I was in the high school and college group. I have not seen him since the Baymonte Christian School reunion in 2014. Harry was the associate pastor at my church in Scotts Valley when Joyce and I first got married. He and his wife Carol helped Joyce and I quite a bit through our first year of marriage. I hope I don't have to go 30-plus years without seeing him again. Both of these guys had tremendous influence on my life and are important reasons why I'm in ministry today. It was really good to see both of them. I especially appreciated that they prayed over me for healing and anointed me with oil before they left. Both of them are now involved in training church planters so I also enjoyed sharing ministry stories and teaching ideas with them. Thank you Louis and Harry for dropping by.

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