Monday, July 24, 2017

All the Grandkids Are Here

20170723_151902 (960x1280)

20170723_141005 (1280x960)20170723_141658 (960x1280)Matt and Mike arrived with their families on Saturday night, early Sunday morning. We hung  around the house after we woke up late Sunday morning and then went out for a late lunch. We are looking forward to being together for the next five days, all in one house. This is the first time we have had all 3 of our kids and all 8 grandchildren together at one time. The last time we were all together we only had 6 grandkids. The two youngest, Arie and Mika, are in the picture on the right.

20170723_140007 (1280x960)

And one more with grandma photobombing in the back

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