Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 3 at “Cancer Camp”

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Sunday was the last day of camp. It began with breakfast and packing out. As usual the volunteers (the “minions”) took care of everything, including washing our car, while we watched. It was such a blessing to have pretty much everything taken care of for us for a whole weekend. In addition, each family has their own person assigned to them to help with the weekend. Our counselor was Linda, in the picture above, a retired oncology nurse. We really enjoyed talking with her at the meals and getting to know her. She even watched Leila while we got our massages.

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The camp ended with a closing ceremony in the worship center. It was inspirational to hear from the founder of the camp and from many of the campers. We then had to say goodbye to the new friends we had made at the camp.

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We didn’t leave camp empty-handed. They even gave us a $50 gift certificate to cover the cost of our gas to get to the camp. What a blessing! Thank you for a great weekend ME-ONE Foundation!

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