Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pool Day

20170725_154248 (1280x960)

20170725_150414 (960x1280)Tuesday was “Pool Day” at the cabin. 20170725_150702 (960x1280)After lunch we all headed down to the local pool and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming. For me it was the first time back in a pool in a long time. I am glad that all the holes are healed up so I can enjoy being in the pool again. It was such a blessing to be well enough to play in the water with the grandkids, even though I have to be careful to not overdo it. (Left) Posing with Serenity and Ahni after timing their swims and scoring their dives/belly flops. Right: Arie riding a duckie.

20170725_154130 (1280x960)20170725_160440 (1280x960)

Joyce arranged the picture of all 8 grandkids at the pool and then posed with 6 of them at the cabin as they all enjoyed a popsicle.

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