Saturday, July 15, 2017

Medical Update : Some Really Good News

20170712_132527 (960x1280)Last Wednesday I had my bone marrow biopsy. It went well and there was a lot less pain than I had anticipated. The doctor told us that we would not get the results for another 2 to 3 weeks. However, the doctor called me last night with some preliminary tentative results. It seems there are two tests that are made on the bone marrow and blood that they extracted. The results of the first test came in. The doctor stressed that these are very preliminary results, but that the first test showed that my bone marrow was clear of cancer. I think my oncologist was so very excited to share this news with me that he had to call me as soon as he heard it (just before 7PM on a Friday evening). I was excited and happy to hear it too. We won't know for sure until I meet with my Stanford doctors on August 14th, but this is very encouraging news. So right now we are celebrating this good news and we are praying that it continues through the whole process. Again thank you for praying for me. For now let's celebrate this good news together and pray for positive final test results and that the lymphoma will not recur.

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