Saturday, July 01, 2017

End of Rest Week Medical Update

20170616_091530 (960x1280)I am now one week removed from receiving the last dose of the sixth round of my chemotherapy. I am starting to feel better. I've already lost about 10 pounds of the edema. This is pretty normal. I still need to lose at least another 10-15 pounds which I have not been able to do in the previous rounds. Most of this extra 10 pounds of edema is in my upper right leg and groin area. The area where the nephrostomy tube was pulled out is healing. I had some soreness in it but it seems to be closing up nicely. The only difference in this round is that I seem to be much more tired. I have not had as much energy to post and, in fact, spent two afternoons this week sound asleep taking a nap. I suppose that's good since the nurses told me that one of the best things I can do in while I'm in chemotherapy is sleep. We are looking forward to this coming week when we will spend 3 days at the cancer camp at Mission Springs in Scotts Valley. I'm praying that I will lose more of the edema so I'll be able to enjoy the camp a little more. Either way it will be nice to do something different. We appreciate your prayers and will keep you updated on what's going on. Thank you.

PS: We have enjoyed having our grand-daughter Leila staying with us this past week.

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