Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 2 in Santa Cruz, Beach, Boardwalk and Big Trees

20170708_063214 (1280x720)

We were not due at camp until 3 PM on Friday. So after a big breakfast at Auntie Mame’s in Scotts Valley, Joyce, Missy and Leila headed back to Santa Cruz for some more vacation and sightseeing. I decided to stay in the apartment and rest up for camp. Here are a few of Joyce’s pictures from their 2nd day in Santa Cruz.

20170707_121320 (720x1280)20170707_122821 (720x1280)20170707_123709 (720x1280)20170707_124824 (720x1280)

They got up close to the big trees on the trails at Henry Cowell Park

20170708_071115 (1280x720)20170708_071203 (1280x720)

Leila got in some beach time and into the water…

20170708_050939 (720x1280)20170708_055456 (720x1280)20170708_062012 (1280x720)

and some boardwalk rides with grandma

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