Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day One at "Cancer Camp"

Last Friday we arrived at Camp Wieser at the Mission Springs campground. The camp is run by the Me-One foundation (Me One Cancer Zero) for adult cancer patients and their families to provide, at no cost to patient, a fun weekend away from the normal stress of cancer treatment and daily life. It certainly provided that for us. Immediately upon arrival we were greeted and welcomed by a multitude of volunteers who took all our luggage up to our room, parked the car and gave us water, snacks and other gifts. This began a weekend in which our every need was met. Except for Joyce coming down with shingles this was exactly the break experience we needed. Thank you so much Me-One foundation and all its volunteers.

Leila enjoyed playing in the bounce houses and I enjoyed watching her. Joyce and I already have our camp shirts on

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Jo Romaniello said...

What a blessing to be able to do the camp and allow His light to shine through you! Prayers always with you and PTL for the report from the scan!!!