Monday, October 03, 2016

Friday Chapel

Sept 30 chapel (14)

Sept 30 chapel (13)Last Friday’s chapel was a little different. We didn’t have our usual worship band and opening. The chapel began with each of the four classes presenting a song they had prepared. I enjoyed getting to see all the students participate in chapel and was encouraged by the large group of freshmen. Our speaker was our new Bible teacher Gary Houde. Gary shared about his spiritual journey from Long Island, through Columbia International University, to PIU. I especially enjoyed how he interacted with what was taught in the previous chapels. We are glad to have Gary and his wife, Dot (English teacher) here working with us at PIU.

Sept 30 chapel (4)Sept 30 chapel (6)Sept 30 chapel (8)Sept 30 chapel (10)

Upper left – Seniors, Upper right – Juniors, Lower left – Sophomores, Lower right – Freshmen

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