Sunday, October 23, 2016

Friday Chapel

Friday21 Chapel (1)

Friday21 Chapel (7)Friday21 Chapel (8)Yesterday’s chapel was another good one. I promised my fellow president Olin (she is the student council  president) that I would put her on the top of this blog post. So there she is on the left front of the picture with the nice smile and Scott backing her up. I appreciated the opportunity yesterday to talk with the students about my upcoming trip and ask for their prayers for me as I represent the school in various places. Our speaker was Hartmut Scherer who spoke about “deception” from Matthew 25.10. We need to remember that the time is always “urgent” to be prepared for what God is calling us to do.

Friday21 Chapel (2)Friday21 Chapel (3)Friday21 Chapel (4)

I especially enjoyed the music. Each song was led by a different student or group of students.

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