Thursday, October 20, 2016

Germany #3–Monbachtal

Bad Liebenzell (1) (1024x768)

Bad Liebenzell (2) (768x1024)While in Germany, Howard Merrell and I stayed in the Monbachtal retreat center. It is very different to wake up in the morning with mountains all around you when you are used to living on an island. We enjoyed staying at Monbachtal. The rooms are nice and the food in the cafeteria was plentiful and tasty. I did enjoy a few sausages and bratwursts. We did get out a little between meetings and conferences and were able to take in some of the scenery at Monbachtal, Liebenzell and in the surrounding area. Most of the pictures here were taken by Howard. I took a few. Above, Howard walks from breakfast back to the retreat center. Left, is the Villa Lioba, the main admin building on Liebenzell Mountain.

100_2647 (1024x768)100_2651 (1024x768)

Some other sites on the Liebenzell Mountains

100_2660 (1024x768)100_2661 (1024x768)

Howard had some nice views on his morning walks. I did afternoon walks

Bad Liebenzell (26) (1024x768)Bad Liebenzell (27) (1024x768)

We did get to drive down to Karlruhe to see Roland and Dorothea Rauchholz. We forgot to take a picture while we were there. But I did get a picture of the church in the center of the town. You might be able to figure out why I took a picture of the street sign.

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