Thursday, October 06, 2016

Liebenzell Mission USA Chapel

LMUSA Chapel (8) (1024x768)

LMUSA Chapel (4) (768x1024)Lately we have been enjoying some unique chapels. Tuesday our speaker was Bill Schuit the director of Liebenzell Mission USA. Last summer we had two of our students, Scott and Addie, at LMUSA for a 30-day internship supervised by Bill. Bill told the story of their internship with lots of pictures. He also invited the students to apply for the summer 2017 internship at LMUSA in Schooley’s Mountain NJ. We will pick two or three students for this upcoming internship. It was very good to hear Bill tell us how well they represented PIU and how they blessed so many through their ministry.

LMUSA Chapel (1) (1024x768)LMUSA Chapel (2) (1024x768)

First we enjoyed some music with lots of movement

LMUSA Chapel (5) (1024x768)LMUSA Chapel (7) (1024x768)LMUSA Chapel (9) (1024x768)

The highlight of the chapel was Bill’s interview with Scott and Addie

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