Sunday, October 30, 2016

Traveling (Warning: Granddaughter Pictures)

Travel Texas (41) (1024x768)

Travel Texas (7) (1024x768)Travel Texas (17) (768x1024)I am one week into my Fall trip which has already included some time spent in Scotts Valley California and Dallas Texas. I’ll be in Dallas one more day before I head to the TRACS conference in Orange County. I had several good meetings with the people from Gateway while I was in Scotts Valley.  Gateway will be sending a short-term mission team to PIU in late January which will include Pastor Fred Hennes and counselor Jo Romaniello. They will be leading our annual Equipping Conference on February 2-4. This year the subject will be incorporating counseling into the regular ministries of the church. Big thanks to the Kvamme family for providing excellent hospitality while I was in Scotts Valley. This weekend I have been able to spend some quality time with my daughter and grand-daughter. That is the main picture subject for the next couple posts.

Travel Texas (6) (1024x768)Travel Texas (15) (1024x768)

(Left) Missy and Leila, (Right) Missy, Leila and my brother and sister in law, Paul and Janet Ramler

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