Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Travel #2–Family Weekend

Travel Texas (18) (1024x768)

Travel Texas (36) (768x1024)Travel Texas (32) (768x1024)I timed the Dallas portion of my trip this year so I could spend a weekend with my daughter Missy and 4 year old grand-daughter Leila. I spent Saturday morning at the Wind Festival on the Trinity River bank and watched Missy place 3rd in the women’s division of 4.5 mile race. I got Leila a grape sno-cone and watched her dominate the bounce houses. We even got to, sort of, fly a kite. I then gave Missy a break from single-mom duties so she could spend some time with her friends on Saturday night – Leyla and spent 4 hours playing the “frog game” (her invention) and then watched some videos. I took Leila to church on Sunday morning and she enjoyed some very energetic worship dancing. Here are a few pictures of the Weekend. Trick or treat pictures will follow in the next post.

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Here are the start and finish pictures of Missy’s race

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Leila enjoyed the Sunday morning church service

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