Monday, November 21, 2016

Traveling in Ohio #3

Ohio (50)

I thought I would do one more post about my time in Ohio. While I was there I had the opportunity to speak at Grove City First Baptist Church, join Titus and Courage for lunch (above), and have a few other adventures with family and friends.

Ohio (37)Ohio (55)

Mike and I had an opportunity to talk about the ministry at PIU in the service at Grove City Baptist, set up a display in the foyer of the church (the poster-size picture of me was not my idea!) and enjoy a “meet the missionary” potluck dinner after church. Thank you to our friends and long-time mission supporters Ron and Jane Routh who set all this up. Ron and Jane were part of our church in Yigo, Guam back in 1993-1995

Ohio (45)Ohio (46)Ohio (48)

I had a fun day with Courage and Titus at their school, meeting their friends

Ohio (60)Ohio (61)Ohio (66)Ohio (76)

We enjoyed the playground and park and then the next day it was time to go to the airport

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