Saturday, November 12, 2016

Traveling: TRACS Conference

TRACS (15)

TRACS (10)Every year, for about the last 15 years,  around the 1st of November I attend the TRACS conference. TRACS is PIU’s accreditor. They accredit many Christian colleges and universities all over the world. TRACS (9)Every year I attend helpful seminars, discuss issues with the TRACS staff and mix with the administrators of other schools. This year’s conference was especially helpful. The main speaker was Josh McDowell. I think the last time I heard him speak was 1977. He is still very good. I am glad to be part of TRACS. They have helped us quite a bit to continue and maintain our core value of “excellence.”


The exhibit area (left) and the keynote address by Josh McDowell (right)


The view out my hotel window (15th floor)

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