Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Tuesday Chapel in November

Nov 28 Chapel (2)

Nov 28 Chapel (3)This last Tuesday was my opportunity to preach in chapel. I focused on two biblical themes from two different scriptural passages. First we talked about covenant from Ephesians 2.4-6 and focused on how Jesus did everything we needed to be in relationship with Him, making us alive for relationship and service at the cross and resurrection. Our job is respond to the relationship with loyal love. The relationship depends on Christ alone. The experience of relationship happens as we respond to what Christ has done with love, faith, and gratitude. The second theme was “wisdom” from Proverbs 25.2. God has blessed us with this beautiful world that He created. He has hidden wonderful things in it that He expects us to find through diligent “digging as for gold.” We grow in wisdom as we grow in knowledge of God and His creation and learn to live within the present flawed creation as His kingdom people, and ultimately, in His perfect creation on a renewed earth. I encouraged the students that they should study the creation well and be excellent teachers, scientists, musicians, artists, mechanics etc. as kingdom service to God. Our band pictured here is a good example of this kind of excellence!

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