Friday, November 04, 2016

Traveling–Texas Trick or Treat

TrickTreat (16) (1024x768)

TrickTreat (3) (768x1024)TrickTreat (1) (768x1024)My last day in Texas with my daughter and grand-daughter was trick or treat day. Leila was pretty excited for it all day. I have to say that trick or treating in Texas is a little bit different than anywhere else I have ever been. Everyone is out in their front yards, There is very little “hit-and-run” candy acquisition. Almost every piece of candy is distributed with conversation. I was even invited inside a couple times for real food. And they really do the decorations big. Here are a few pictures from the evening. Above Leila shows off her triumphant candy acquisition. In the other two pictures we are getting ready to go out. Leila wanted to take a picture of her plastic frog. We played with it for hours

TrickTreat (17) (1024x768)TrickTreat (26) (768x1024)TrickTreat (31) (1024x768)

We met some interesting people. Leila ended the evening helping to distribute candy.

TrickTreat (14) (1024x768)TrickTreat (15) (768x1024)TrickTreat (22) (1024x768)

Some people went all out with their decorations

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