Thursday, November 17, 2016

Traveling: Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio (23)

Ohio (13)Ohio (12)I wrapped up my 2016 Fall trip by heading to Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike, Samantha and the kids had moved there last summer and it was a good opportunity to see them and see Mike’s school. I also had the opportunity to speak in Grove City Baptist Church that weekend, which is about an hour from Mike’s house. I have a lot of pictures so I’ll divide this one into two or three posts.

Ohio (3)Ohio (10)Ohio (27)Ohio (32)Ohio (8)

The Grandkids: Titus, Arete, Serenity, Courage. On the right, they board the school bus

Ohio (4)Ohio (5)Ohio (6)

A few more of everyone being amazed at seeing their breath in the 30+ degree weather

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