Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day Feast

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Yesterday we enjoyed our annual PIU Thanksgiving Day celebration feast. The PIU family came together to produce a lot more food than we could eat in one sitting, but we did make a significant dent in the bounty  on the table. We also had a good time to share with one another, sing, enact a reading about the 1st Thanksgiving, and I shared a short devotional on 4 ways that we show that we are thankful – talk about grace, celebrate grace, respond to grace with committed lives and share the gifts God has given us with others.

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The group  overflowed our classroom/chapel area as we sang and shared

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Then we lined up for food. I think I few people went back into the line multiple times

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The students made a “thank you” presentation to the faculty and staff

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And we got to spend some quality time with many of our friends

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