Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Chapel

Thanksgiving Chapel (1) (1024x768)

Happy Thanksgiving from Guam! PIU started our Thanksgiving celebration on Tuesday with our traditional Thanksgiving chapel. We basically open up  the microphone so that anybody, students, staff, faculty, can share what God has been doing in their lives over the last semester. It is always a very encouraging chapel for me as I hear how God has supplied, overcome problems, brought joy and comfort and especially brought insight and growth in relationship with God to the students.

Thanksgiving Chapel (3) (1024x768)Thanksgiving Chapel (4) (1024x768)

We had a good time of singing and then Melvin opened in prayer. I like the one black and one white sock!

Thanksgiving Chapel (5) (768x1024)Thanksgiving Chapel (6) (768x1024)Thanksgiving Chapel (7) (768x1024)Thanksgiving Chapel (8) (1024x768)Thanksgiving Chapel (9) (768x1024)Thanksgiving Chapel (10) (768x1024)Thanksgiving Chapel (11) (768x1024)

And then there was a lot of sharing, praising, singing, praying and giving of thanks

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