Sunday, October 16, 2016

Last Friday (7th) Chapel

Friday 7th Chapel (6) (1024x768)

Friday 7th Chapel (3) (768x1024)Friday 7th Chapel (7) (768x1024)OK, I am a little behind on my posts. I have been traveling and am in Bad Liebenzell in Germany right now. I have not had much time for reading or writing and have not been in a place where I can easily access the internet. So I am writing and planning to post when I get to the airport in Germany or in Seoul Korea. More about that in a later post. The last thing I did on Guam before heading out to Germany was attend chapel on Friday October 7th. Our speaker was PIU’s dormitory manager and maintenance director Jonathan Heimbach (left). I have had some good theological discussions with Jonathan and I was looking forward to hearing him. The message was well done and the dorm guys did a good job with the music. I have missed Guam and PIU this week and am glad to be heading back later today.

Friday 7th Chapel (1) (1024x768)Friday 7th Chapel (5) (1024x768)Friday 7th Chapel (8) (768x1024)

We did a quick set up after Bill Wood’s class and everyone was ready to enjoy chapel

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