Monday, May 22, 2017

10 Positive Things About Having Cancer

20170522_141628 (960x1280)This has been running through my head lately. Beware: There is some sarcasm and maybe some silliness here.

There are 10 things about cancer that are surprising, yea 11 that are a blessing. The So-Called Wisdom of Dave 3.16

  1. Not having hair to comb saves me a lot of time every day.
  2. I have more time to read and study.
  3. I have made many new friends in the medical profession.
  4. I get to spend more time with Joyce. She really is an amazing person… AND since my right foot has been numb for the last 6 months she has had to drive me wherever I needed to go. I have always wanted a chauffeur.
  5. If the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow, the zombies will stay away from me. (See the movie World War Z for the reason why – Really you should watch it. After all Brad Pitt is in it)
  6. I think I may have got my limp. (This comes from a Tim Keller Youtube sermon illustration from Genesis 32 where Jacob and God wrestle. His point was that God must "give you a limp" - something that is so far beyond you that it beats the @$#^&*@ out of you (my definition not his) - that raises your relationship with God and ministry to a whole new level because now you realize it was all about God, not you, all along anyway.
  7. This island boy got to enjoy the "coldest winter we can ever remember in this county." Actually I mostly watched it from inside a comfy heated house with everything I need provided for me. Wait, was I complaining about something?
  8. My digestive system is no longer boring. I will not go all Martin Luther on you here with a graphic description. You are welcome.
  9. I have learned more about the lymphatic system than I ever cared to know.
  10. I have been able to experience the tremendous creative power of prednisone in my brain and body. I am not on prednisone as I write this. I will need to come up with another excuse for what I am writing here.
  11. and….. (this number wisdom saying genre is designed to focus the attention on the real point which is…) I am blessed and overwhelmed by the very real outpouring of love, help, gifts, prayers from friends all over the world. Thank you!

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Jennifer Rice said...

Aw, thanks Dave. Humor helps get us through things that are tough. God carries us through the things that threaten to suck us under permanently. Thank you for your spirit and witness!