Sunday, October 18, 2015

Family Time in California

IMG_20151016_080912One of the nice things about doing recruiting and fund raising in California is the opportunity to spend some time with family. After church last Sunday I was able to get over to my brother’s house and spend some time with him and his family before I headed down to Scotts Valley for a meeting with the Gateway missions people. It was good to see Doug, Diane and Taylor and meet their son-in-law and grandchildren (sorry no pictures). IIMG_20151016_080259n Scotts Valley I met with Gateway missions pastor Dan Bowman and worship pastor David Enns. I also met with PIU Seminary Dean, Jim Sawyer and counseling teacher, Jo Romaniello to plan our seminary counseling program. Thanks to Jeff and Christy McKim for a place to stay there. It was good to spend some time with them. After the Gateway meetings I drove up to El Dorado to spend a day and a half at my parents’ place. I got a new phone to take the selfie picture. I am now in North Carolina getting ready to head down to Columbia South Carolina to do some teacher recruiting. More on that later. Do you see the deer in the picture on the right?

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