Wednesday, October 28, 2015

On The Road in Dallas Texas

MissyLeila (11)Sunday I left North Carolina for Dallas Texas. This year the TRACS conference is there at DFW. I am writing this from the hotel for the conference where I just arrived today. I wanted to get to Dallas a couple days early to spend some time with my daughter Melissa and my granddaughter Leila. I also had two meetings scheduled. One was with Dr. Ryrie. We are so thankful that his foundation has been a regular donor to PIU. I enjoyed sitting with him for an hour and talking about many people  with whom we share acquaintance and, of course, a little theology. MissyLeila (1)He also gave me some of his books for the library, including a new Ryrie Study Bible. As I left he told me, “I didn’t know much about PIU before so I was giving in the dark. Now I am happy to be giving in the light.” I also met with Voltaire Cacas, the Senior Director of Global Mobilization & Strategic Initiatives for Camino Global. They are a mission that works in the Spanish speaking communities of the world and we talked about the possibilities of them working with PIU. They are already doing ministry in the Southern Philippines so we are just a short flight away. I could post pictures of the meetings but I prefer to post pictures of my granddaughter, so here you go…

MissyLeila (4)MissyLeila (7)MissyLeila (8)

Here is Leila in her Halloween costume. She is going out as Skye from the Paw Patrol. Grandma Joyce bought her the outfit on the left with the same Paw Patrol theme. Note that Missy is wearing her new PIU shirt above

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