Monday, October 05, 2015

PIU Equipping Conference Day 2

2015-10-02 18.07.18

2015-10-02 18.35.48The second day of the conference with Dr. Baxter Kruger continued the emphasis on Practical Trinitarianism.  Baxter is passionate that we have lost the focus on the relationships within the Trinity and the of the Trinity to us as a launching point for our theologies and ministries. On the 2nd night the theme was “Can We Overestimate Jesus Christ: Jesus’ Union with the Human Race.” IMG_2635In this session Baxter emphasized that at the cross, resurrection and ascension Jesus has already done everything that needs to be done to call us back into relationship. Faith is our trust in that. He challenged us, "I dare you to believe that you are worthy. I dare you to believe that you are the child God has always wanted. I dare you to believe that God loves you as much as He loves Jesus and with the same love that He loves His son with." We try to put so much of ourselves into our salvation when Jesus invites us into relationship with God based on what he has done. A lot of our anxieties result from not believing that the Father loves us fully in Christ.

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Seminary Dean Jim Sawyer was the evening’s MC while Princess and Celia handled registration

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A couple more audience pictures

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