Wednesday, October 07, 2015

More Stuff We Do on Guam

DSC07359 (1280x960)

Yes we do go to the beach. Joyce goes a lot more often than I do

DSC07367 (1196x1280)DSC07373 (1280x1277)

We hold the new baby

DSC07360 (1280x960)DSC07361 (1280x960)

More beach pictures

DSC07363 (1280x960)DSC07364 (1280x960)

We work on our house. Joyce’s new project is widening the driveway at Mike and Samantha’s house


She has hired PIU students Renson and Jones to do the work. We get good reliable workers and they get money to help pay their dormitory rent for the semester

SAMSUNGDSC07333 (1280x960)

We take Titus out for a banana-strawberry smoothie for his birthday and the girls find a place to stay cool


We get to know our new staff at PIU. The Tomasellos (left) are now all here as Jackie and Eli arrived last Thursday. On the right is Nikki Heimbach with Joyce

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