Saturday, March 05, 2016

Another Week at PIU

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We are halfway through the Spring semester at PIU and we are gearing up for the big anniversary celebration next week. But this does not mean that we did nothing this week. It was a busy week at midterm with lots of activities, midterms, etc. We enjoyed two good chapels, a volleyball game and ended the week with several of our students at church on Sunday. I also enjoyed seeing my new grand-niece Jayna for the first time. All in all, an enjoyable week. (above Mely, Olin and Janny are multi-tasking Bible study and kid care.

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Tuesday chapel featured a hymn sing with Bill Wood (left) and counseling teacher Karyn Sorenson talked about the importance of coming together as a community to help each other through the pain that inevitably comes into our lives.

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Friday chapel was our PIU Days preview chapel. We sang several songs that were written for previous PIU Days celebrations. I feel like I was tricked into getting up and singing one from 2010 but it was ok.

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Saturday we played the Kingdom Seekers Church. Several PIU students grew up in this church and we have a close relationship with the church and Pastor Arnold. Even though there were PIU students on both teams I still rooted vociferously for our official PIU team. It was a well-played close game but we narrowly emerged victorious.

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One more picture of Jayna with her mom Jonie and PIU students at church.

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