Sunday, March 13, 2016

PIU Annual Board Meeting


12841309_10153486086458424_2952143809868915664_o[3]This year our annual Board of Trustees meeting at PIU was scheduled to coincide with the anniversary celebration. This also allowed our board members to participate in the annual fund raising dinner, chapel, FOCUS night and PIU Days. IMG_0045It was very helpful to the students and the board to be able to meet and get to know one another. The board members were able to minister to the students and vice versa. I think we got a lot accomplished at the meetings and I am confident looking ahead to PIU’s future. Again some of the pictures are mine, some from Jo Romaniello and a few I pulled from Bill Schuit’s Facebook page. The picture above is a nice shot of the campus, taken by Bill, from the roof of the library.


The board heard the students sing in chapel and then enjoyed time with them after

2016-03-08 19.24.362016-03-08 19.24.51

The board met with the alumni on Tuesday night


They all had the opportunity to share a little with the students in the Tuesday chapel


And climb up on on the roof to take a look at the solar panels

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