Thursday, March 24, 2016

Passion Week Chapel

Passion Week Chapel (3)

Passion Week Chapel (2)Passion Week Chapel (5)This week we only had one chapel service because we took the day off to attend services today for Good Friday. Many of our students are attending the Easter Rally for the Chuukese churches on Guam this week and others will be attending at various churches around the island throughout the weekend. Thus, our one chapel was a reflection on the Passion Week, ending with the burial of Jesus, in anticipation of the celebration of the Resurrection on Sunday. I especially enjoyed the singing of several rarely sung hymns led by the chapel team. At the end of chapel we had a representative from the Micronesian Resource Center (right) and ended the chapel with a birthday celebration (below).

Passion Week Chapel (7) (1280x720)

Finally we celebrated the “22nd birthday” of Mary Lou Carruthers with all the PIU family

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