Thursday, March 17, 2016

PIU Days Field Day

Field Day (33)

On Saturday morning we headed out to the field at Father Duenas High School (thank you so much to FD for allowing us to use their athletic field!) for our field day games. I don’t think too much comment is required. Just a few pictures. The good pictures I borrowed from Hartmut Scherer. The bad ones I took!

Field Day (2)Field Day (4)

We started the day with a volleyball game in the church league

Field Day (32)Field Day (35)

Recreation leader Scott Refilong kept the games moving

Field Day (34)Field Day (40)

The spectators tried to stay in the shade

Field Day (5)Field Day (6)

The kids’ race was competitive

Field Day (12)Field Day (14)

The Eating Relay seemed like the most rigorous event

Field Day (36)Field Day (37)

The three-legged race is always a popular event with all ages

Field Day (38)Field Day (39)

Jonathan and Jele showed some style in this relay

Field Day (24) (1280x720)Field Day (25)

The tug-o-war is always the ending event

Field Day (43)Field Day (44)

Hail to the victors! Team Neos

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