Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Last Week at PIU

2016-03-18 11.15.26 (1280x720)

I think the main sound that one would hear on the campus early last week at PIU was “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” Our spring break began with the PIU Days celebration and continued through last Wednesday. After the busy anniversary week, I think everyone wanted to rest up and rejuvenate during those three days to get rejuvenated for the rest of the semester. We did have classes on Thursday and Friday, making for a short week for the students and staff to ease back into the routine. Please keep us in prayer as we head for the finish run for the Spring 2016 semester.

2016-03-18 11.26.48 (1280x720)2016-03-18 11.26.58 (720x1280)We did have chapel on Friday. Our speaker was Greg Williams, from the Gideons International. Greg is the Director of the Pacific Islands area for the Gideons and came to us after spending time in the Marshalls, Chuuk and Palau, meeting with the Gideons in those islands. He shared with us several exciting stories about how the Word of God is changing lives all over the world, including the Micronesian islands. It is always inspiring and encouraging to be reminded of the power of the Word of God. We are blessed to be teaching it here on Guam and to be able to partner with the Gideons. We were also blessed to have several members of the Guam Gideons worshiping with us in the Friday chapel.

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