Saturday, March 19, 2016

PIU Days #3–Team Eikon

Sunday night (1)

The final night of PIU Days featured teaching games, songs, a Marshallese thank-you celebration and a Micronesian feast. Usually the final night is the biggest and best and this year was no exception. Team Eikon closed our anniversary week with a memorable night.


The decorations were beautiful and incorporated all the week’s themes

IMG_0022Sunday night (4)

The entrance was well choreographed


The MC’s were funny and the comedic impressions were pretty good


The games were fun for everyone

IMG_0049Sunday night (20)

The groups and soloists did a great job

Sunday night (5)Sunday night (9)

I wish they had sung more


My only complaint is that they made me drink soy sauce with lime juice


The “Apostle Paul” read the scripture and the 1st president of PIBC/PIU, Roland Rauchholz, delivered the message


The service concluded with Jele and Kaki Benejal leading the Marshallese group in a thank-you celebration. I am not sure how I missed getting any pictures of the Micronesian Feast that took place next.

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