Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last March Chapel

Last March Chapel (3)

Last March Chapel (5)Last March Chapel (6)We have moved into the final third of the Spring semester 2016. Less than five weeks to go. This was referenced a couple times in yesterday’s chapel service. Our speaker was our librarian Paul Drake (left). He challenged the students from several passages, especially Romans 12.1-2 to focus on seeking God and his will first. I liked very much his challenge to the students to focus on what they can do at PIU that they cannot do at other places, over this last five weeks. A Christian college is a unique place where the students can meet God and be discipled in a way that is difficult to find in other environments. Please pray for our students that they can focus on their studies and bring the semester to a successful end. Juan Flores (right with the halo) also challenged the students to consider taking classes in our new emphasis on International Business in our Liberal Studies bachelor’s degree program. We are excited begin teaching those classes this summer.

Last March Chapel (1)Last March Chapel (4)

Our female students led the worship time and got the guys to join them for a beautiful Chuukese song.

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